·   SELF-ASSESSMENT – prior to booking, patients must self-asses and determine they are non symptomatic for COVID-19.

·   PRE-SCREENING - 24HRS PRIOR TO APPOINTMENT – patients must complete the COVID-19 Symptom Pre-screening survey.   

·   PPE – It is required that you wear a mask to your appointment. If you do not have a mask, we can provide one for you. Please leave any extra belongings at home.  


•    THE PATIENT MAY ENTER ONLY AT ALLOCATED BOOKING TIME  – Patients will be directed immediately into the treatment room after hand sanitization. 
We will not be able to accommodate early/late arrivals.

•    HAND SANITIZATION – patients must use the automatic hand sanitizer located at the front desk immediately after entering.  

•    THE PATIENT MUST ARRIVE UNACCOMPANIED – unless the patient is a minor who requires parent/guardian, or infirm and needs assistance.

•    COVID-19 RISK CONSENT – INTAKE FORM – All clients must sign a once off consent form to acknowledge they understand the increased risk of treatment during the pandemic and are receiving the treatment at their own risk. 

•    SOCIAL DISTANCING – only 2 patients in the waiting room at one time. Please respect 6ft/2m distancing. Clients will be immediately directed into the treatment room.  



·  COVID-19 CONSENT - The RMT will ask for informed consent from the patient so that the patient understands that while we have taken measures to minimize risk of viral transmission, the nature of massage therapy means that physical distancing is not possible in the treatment room. The RMT will explain both the risks and the potential benefits of treatment, and will make decisions about treatment. 

•   PPE – we highly recommend and enforce the wearing of mask for the duration of the patient's visit. Masks are available at the clinic if the patient does not have their own. Patients can request for the therapist to wear protective gear such as masks and gloves.   

•   HAND SANITIZATION – additional hand sanitizer will be available.  

•   HIGH RISK PATIENTS – The RMT may cancel any treatments if they deem it necessary to protect the safety of themselves and/or patients.



·   DIRECT BILLING, PAYMENT & RE-BOOKING – patients are required to make payments and future bookings after receiving treatment room. All receipts will be emailed. No printed copies will be issued.  



•   SELF-ASSESSMENT – each day all staff members will complete and pass a self-assessment prior to arriving at the clinic. 

•   TEMPERATURE ASSESSMENT – each day all staff members will take their temperatures on arrival to be deemed safe to practice/work.   



On top of our regular cleaning protocols, we will be implementing the following additional cleaning measures to ensure we are doing all we can to help prevent spread of contamination in our clinic.  

•   LAUNDRY – All linen will continue to be washed after each treatment. Staff will be required to wear disposable PPE (gloves, masks) while handling used linen. Clean laundry will be taken into a separate room from the used linen.  

•   DISINFECTING SURFACES – We will be disinfecting all high touch surfaces between each patient, such as door handles, front desk, POS machines, and tablets. All common surfaces will be disinfected twice a day, such as, light switches, chairs, screen protectors, phones and benches.  

•   SOCIAL DISTANCING – Only 2 patients will be allowed in the waiting room at any given time with strict 2m/6ft distancing. At no point will patients be able to enter the clinic without an appointment and/or completing pre-screening. Markings have been indicated on the floor to show suitable distancing requirements.  

•   BATHROOM – We will be disinfecting high touch surfaces, such as the door handle, light switch and tap after any person uses the bathroom facility. Our bathroom will only be available to staff and patients who are receiving treatment.  

•   PAYMENTS – We will not be accepting any cash payments. Our preferred method of payment is either online credit card or contactless debit/credit card on our POS machines. If a POS payment requires the patient to touch the machine it will be disinfected after use.  

•   STAFF ROOM/COMMON AREAS –  Staff will be adhering to social distancing at all times. No more than 2 staff members will be allowed in the staff room/common areas at any given time while maintaining 6ft/2m distancing.  

•   SIGNS/INFORMATION – signs have been posted in each room demonstrating hygiene standards and procedures.  

•   PLEXI-GLASS SHIELD – has been placed in front of the administrative desk to minimize exposure between patients and administrative staff.  



It is not possible to maintain physical distancing in the treatment room so pre-screening, physical distancing, hand hygiene, and enhanced cleaning help reduce the risk of transmission, and enable the RMT to practice while minimizing risk of harm. 

•   AIR PURIFIERS – have been placed in each treatment room. 

•   HAND WASHING – RMT’s will continue to wash hands often, using soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds each time before and after treatment and touching other surfaces. The RMT may also use sanitizer throughout the treatment. 

•   EQUIPMENT SANITIZATION – We will sanitize the treatment table, table adjustment levers and face cradle as well as equipment and supplies immediately after each patient. 

•   CLIENT PPE – we will have disposable masks and gloves available for patients' use upon request.  

•   STAFF PPE – disposable masks and gloves will be available for staff members use and at the patients’ request. 

•   CLIENT HYGIENE – patients are asked to avoid touching their face and any unnecessary surfaces. If a tissue or additional cloths/towels are required they will be provided by the RMT.  







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    Front desk is very friendly as well :)"
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